Varsity Closed


Multimedia University of Kenya in Nairobi was indefinitely closed after a student’s peaceful demonstration turned out into a running battle between students and the police.

The students had called a meeting with the university’s administration on Tuesday to address their various grievances, but the absence of the acting Vice Chancellor Prof. Walter Oyawa made the students feel that all was not well as some questioned the cause of him being absent from such an important function. It was later confirmed that he was actually in court over a case in which he is accused of sexually assaulting one of the female students employees. Attempts to by the to get him were futile as calls from THEAFRICAMARKETNEWS were unanswered and he is yet to reply to our text messages. The students were infuriated by the ever rhetoric DVC. Prof. Njoroge who they claim is a joker.

The university students had wanted the university to fire the Academic Registrar accusing him of being too arrogant and crude that he sometimes uses the F*** word in addressing students. He is also accused of being incompetent to run a university as he always delays in submitting a list of students to the Higher Education Board yet he wants the students to pay full amount by “Milking Baboons.” The students also wanted to be refunded a sum total of 5million shilling which they pay each semester for the University ID which they already have and is given once for their entire stay in the university. They too accused the management of funds embezzlement.

The students later closed the Magadi Road using stones and light a bonfire leading to a heavy traffic jam to as far as Nyayo stadium and Nkoroi in Rongai. Police later restored traffic in the area.

One student who talked to us but did not want to be named because of the sensitivity of the matter said that the university would receive millions of shillings, but instead of being put into use the management would deposit it in a fixed account from where they get huge interest then after the end of the financial year they return it to the government unused. They therefore wanted the disbandment of the entire management and competent people be in place. Late last year the university demoted one Prof. Naituli for exposing mega corruption scandals including two hundred and fifty ghost workers who were in the university payroll.

The students have vowed to do it again unless things are changed. The university Student’s Council lead by Robert Nyongesa, Wilfred Kipngetich, Vincent Serem, John Ondieki., Silas Ayieko and blogger Nyk have vowed to take the matter into the industrial court for determination. At the meantime they have called Education Cabinet Secretary Jacob Kaimenyi to fast track changes in the university.

Up to the time we were publishing the ordeal, students were not allowed into the university compound.

More to follow


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